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Our Values

We are willing to tell you our professional aspirations making reference to what Italo Calvino, who is a great contemporary thinker and writer, has said in his book "Lezioni Americane" about future challenges.

These challenges are mirroring our Vision and quality approach.



We believe that it is important  to make it simple going to the point; on the other side, we are eager to go beyond the surface.

Even the more complex tasks can be faced and managed with optimism and a bit of humour.

We are seeking authentic relationships with our interlocutors; and this is valid even when it makes us or them uncomfortable at the moment.

For that reason we are willing to be proactive in opening dialogue when building the process of understanding the problem, designing the solution and delivering with elegance.




We are conscious it is crucial to adapt to everchanging situations and needs of clients.

The ability to tune into others perspectives, at times hard, generates unespected room for communication and can accelerate insights and concrete solutions.



We do not offer standard solutions. 

We believe preparation and methodology are necessary to identify and understand problems and situations.

We use professional tools to work out customized and reliable solutions for our clients.



We work together because we perceive affinity and appreciate diversity for teamwork.

We get from our activities personal satisfaction, learning and professional growth. 

We are genuinely curious. We are careful and reserved when working with dreams, ambitions, and tough challenges of those people seeking our assistance. 

We are eager to build transparent relationships with our clients to work out creative and useful solutions.



Situations we are called to face are often a sort of "puzzle" whose borders are not so well defined. We know we can find a way together with our customers not in spite of our customers.

We believe and have experienced that professional debate, sharing and cross-fertilization of ideas enable a better solution which is original and shared.

We think that the winning formula for a well done job is a mixture of method with inventiveness.



This Memo has never been completed by the Italian Author, although Calvino has left a inspiring draft.

This is our daily committment. We try to be coherent and rigorous.

We try to walk the talk and to be reliable, even if this may come out economically inconvenient for us. 

We don't like to deceive customers with magic solutions which are not working.

We make a proposal keeping in mind effectiveness and client's benefits.



Decathlon Consulting di Guido Prato Previde - Cascina Carazzina, Via Carazzina - Tangenziale Sud - 26900 Lodi
tel. +39 348 2605889 - - P.IVA 10668390965