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Resilience at Work: presenting the R@W
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New Partnership with the European Institute for Workplace Dynamics
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On Resilience, Conflict and Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Performance and Well-Being at work

Decathlon Consulting-Human Qualities has been founded in 1993 by Guido Prato Previde who is now the President. 

Decathlon is providing training, coaching and consultancy interventions both to large organizations in the private sector operating on a worldwide market, and to public institutions undergoing rapid changes.

Our clients are facing strategic and cultural changes where it is crucial that the transformations take place quickly and effectively generating the maximum of learning and commitment at all the levels. 

Our training and consultancy interventions are aimed at boosting "small but relevant attitude and behavioral changes" both at an individual level and at a team level, in order to facilitate better performance and well-being throughout the organization. 

Our company has been operating internationally within a network which is made by knowledgeable people and credible and well-known Institutions. 

Among our network collaborations: l’Occupational Research Centre (today the KAI Centre), UK, the Creative Problem Solving Group, U.S.A., and  Celemi, Se.

Since 2006 Decathlon Consulting  is the Italian unique Independent Contractor of RHR International, a global leader in the field of Executive Assessment and Executive Coaching.

Since 2014 Decathlon Consulting is Country Partner of IWD (European Institute for Workplace Dynamics, Paris); in this way we have become aknowledged players on specific issues as training and coaching for developing Resilience, Conflict Competence and Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Throughout the network associates we develop professional collaboration, research activities, and product development projects.

In this way, we keep one step ahead of the competition, in order to serve our clients appropriately.

Didascalia dell'immagine di prova nella homepage in inglese
Didascalia dell'immagine di prova nella homepage in inglese


Decathlon Consulting di Guido Prato Previde - Cascina Carazzina, Via Carazzina - Tangenziale Sud - 26900 Lodi
tel. +39 348 2605889 - - P.IVA 10668390965