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Our name (Decathlon Consulting-Human Qualities ) has been selected because we want to declare our preference to deal with difficult challenges and to experience learning itineraries with people and cultures aimed at achieving their values and objectives.

We are committed to work with people qualities: their aspirations and ambitions, their attitudes and competences...but the most of all, their life and career concerns.

In our experience people qualities, appropriately understooden and valued in a transparent and focused context, become personal and organizational resources.



Our Mission

Discovering people potential and being able to leverage on that asset, is one of the highest values for our organization and for individuals" (a reflection from the Managing Director of one of our trusted customers).

Our interventions boost empowerment and committment, accelerate self-efficacy and leadershipsustain team performanceand promote organization agility.

This implies relevant improvements in the domain of performance and well-being. 


Approach method

Decathlon Consulting is known as a competent vendor seeking to work on concrete issues and eager to create useful and customized solutions for clients.

Listening and understanding are beginning of the process.

Moreover, we are proud to use professional methods and tools which are research-based and shared with our network.

This approach is apreciated by customers who are describing us as a training and consultancy "boutique" which is international.



Decathlon Consulting di Guido Prato Previde - Cascina Carazzina, Via Carazzina - Tangenziale Sud - 26900 Lodi
tel. +39 348 2605889 - - P.IVA 10668390965