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Resilience at Work: presenting the R@W

April, 13th 2018- Resilience at Work: the R@W model and tools by Kathryn McEwen

Within the frame of the "Convivio" HR Meeting we have presented a unique approach to Resilience: the R@W (Resilience at Work) model which has been originated by Kathryn McEwen whom we are collaborating through IWD (European Institute for Workplace Dynamics, Paris).

In accordance with recent research findings, Resilience is not a trait but a state continuously varying. This means that Resilience can be built and most of all has to be cultivated.

Cultivating Resilience has great impact on individual and team well-being and performance.

The R@W model offers a complete suite of tools which are well-researched and validated in different organizational domains.

The R@W enables managers and employees at developing a new understanding of their resilience state and new skills  to face difficulties and unpleasant tasks in a complex and volatile work environment which is nowadays characterized by high work pressure and the need to rebound proactively when this are going wrong. 

Thank You for reaching us out to learn more about your Resilience!

Guido Prato Previde,

IWD Partner and R@W Master Trainer and Coach



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