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Change Management

We design and perform interventions aimed at boosting the agility throughout the organization and supporting leaders in achieving their goals.

We have a deep understanding of cultures and the methdo to sustain changes through communication and collaborative processes, so as to share the sense of urgency, give direction and sustain common action.

Through training, coaching and consulting Decathlon Consulting-Human Qualities  professional team support organizations' to share a common vision and align peoples' attitudes and behaviors.


Enhancing Creative Climate

Understanding and developing creative climates is the way to lead the changes, improve productivity and cultivate motivation and well-being

We are able to step into a group and understand interpersonal dynamics and the overall atmosphere accurately. Our preferred and unique tools allow us to get an immediate grasp of the situation through:

  • Facilitating a 1 hour meeting
  • Interviewing key people
  • Applying the Sitautional Outloock Questionnaire (SOQ)

We get all the information we need to have a "picture" of the status quo on which team strenghts and limitations, and individual expectations are summarized in a report to the leader. 

Through feedback sessions and sharing results with the leader and/or the group, new perspectives can be adopted and improved to make the group more effective, resilient, and able face novelty and uncertainty.

We have a track record of successful organization which have accomplished unespected targets because they were able to work on creative climate.


Training Programs

We design and deliver training courses aimed at developing new competences and management awareness and skills.

Our courses are customized to different business audiences and professional cultures.

You can find below some examples among our courses:

Interpersonal Skills

Influencing without Authority
1-day (8 participants)

Straight Talking
1-day (8 participants)

- Facilitating Interactive Meetings
1-day (8 participants)

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Smart Choices
1-day (8 participants)

- Creative Problem Solving: Styles and Techniques

Negoziazione e vendite

Negotiating skills: basics (1 day-10 participants)

L'arte del negoziare (1 day-10 participants)

On becoming a selling partner! (2-day- 10 participants)

People Management:

- Leadership Development

-day (16 participants)

- From Professional to Management Function
1-day (16 participants)

- Managing feedback and coaching effectively 

1-day (8 participants)

Valuing Competence and Managing Performance (Managers)
2-day (20 participants)

Valuing Competence and Managing Performance (Employees)
1-day (16 participants)

Managing Self:

- Emotional Intelligence (with self-assessment profile on Reuven Bar-On)
1-day (8 participants)

Mindful Leadership with AIKIDO
2-day (16 persone)

These courses are delivered in house with clients

More recently and due to our unique collaboration with the European Institute for Workplace Dynamics (IWD) we offer to clients:

  • Becoming Conflict Competent (with CDP: Conflict Dynamics Profile)

          1. Awareness 1-day course (12 participants) with individual profile

          2. Advanced Training 2-day course (12 Participants) with individual               profile and techniques

  • Becoming Resilient (with the RAW-Scale: Resilience at Work) -

          Awareness and guidance 1-day course (12 participants) with                     individual profile

  • Nurturing Entrepreneurial Mindset (with the EMP: Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile)

          Awareness and guidance 1-day course (16 participants) with                     individual profile + 1 day of follow-up with the team


Training with Business Simulations

Decathlon Consulting-Human Qualities offers a new and efficient opportunity for training people and groups with Business Simulation from Celemi (Business Giocando).

These training interventions are outined in more detail in the section "Playing Business". Here is a summary of our products:

-  Understanding economics and managing value at all levels
(Apples & Oranges one-day seminar; 12-24 participants)

From Strategy into action: pulling in the same direction
(Decison Base: two-day workshop to 16-24 participants

Differentiate or Die: the secret to be choosen by customers
(Livon: one-day seminar; 16 participants)

Knowlegment managementhow to deal with intangible assets
(Tango: two-day seminar; 16-24 participants)

Leading Projects effectively: la via del successo
(Cayenne: one-day seminar; 12-24 participants)

- Creativity and Innovation in you companycreative intersections
(Effetto Medici half-day seminar; 12-24 participants) 


Assessing and Developing Talents

We design and realize interventions aimed at valuing and developing managers and professionals personal qualities and talent through:

  • Assessment Centres
  • Development Centers

In doing this, we are using different processes and tools in accordance to the aim of the intervention and the target.

We can set up classic and professional Assessment Centers based on models and tools which are well-proven in order to give to management a clear profile of the hi pos'.

Conversely we are use to set up and mange more Developmental Assessments, where the aim is mainly to encourage self awareness and enhance self development and self-agency in the organizational context.

We are inspired to the High Performance Model of H. Schroder fro University of Florida, having adapted it to various contexts and audiences.

For the same reason we use professional tools for assessing and for feedback reporting. Our reports are neat and deep to the point.

Decathlon Consulting Human Qualities consultants possess the method, the experience and the capacity to make the Assessment experience a valuable one, both for individual candidates and for the organization. We help people to know more about themselves and support organizations to reflect on resources and make smart choices.


Selection processes

We are not doing Recruitment: this is not our core business!

Conversely, we have the knowledge and the know-how to offer the following services which are close to selection processes. These services are not generally offered by recruiting companies.

1. We assess candidates' psychological and behavioral profile to support customers to make a choice about the right person at the right position at that specific moment. 

2. We set up and realize standardized and objective procedures to evaluate through testing candidates' qualities/attitudes/motives required to enter University or Master courses. We provide to clients a list of participants. 

All solutions


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